Co-Scholastic Activities

The students will be provided with ample opportunities for exposure and training in major co-curricular activities, which will be carefully combined with the curriculum. Apart from training the students in their areas of interest, the school expects to host events that will enable the students to present their talents on stage. Inter-House competitions, after school activities and major productions by the students will be envisaged in the school calendar.

All the students from Class 1 onwards will be divided into four Houses – Loyalty, Honesty, Charity, and Solidarity. All major school competitions will be conducted House-wise.

Our focus on Leadership and Value building

One of our focal points will be raising the awareness among students about the needs of the underprivileged and sensitizing them to the untold blessings they enjoy in life. The School Council consisting of school leaders and prefects, secretaries and editors will play a vital role in moulding leaders who will make a difference in the school and in the world.